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Heavy-duty Binder: Explorer PRO

——Hi Flatten Chest. Bye Hunchback.

Withthe initial concept of BindFree double zippers Explorer chest binder, the sales of Explorer turns great. Meanwhile, we have received a lot of comments and suggestions from customers, combined with their needs. 

  • We upgraded the Explorer, the sandwich fabric structure replaced Explorer's double-layer fabric design, The trick is in the middle layer of the binder, In the design of Explorer pro, we embed high elastic straps to achieve better binding effect. With stronger binding effect, the chest will be hided magically by putting on the Explorer Pro.
  • Silky fabric VS special honeycomb cotton, both fabric are soft and breathable. However, the materials of the two fabrics are completely different. The fabric of the Pro version is very delicate, as silky as a baby's skin. Both are great, but in a different tactile impression.

If you're looking for a high-quality chest binder that works well on you and you can take a break anytime, look no further than the BindFree Chest Binder Explorer Pro. Order now and experience the comfort and support you deserve.

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