A Letter to You




We are a dream chaser, just like many of you.

We would like to be the best chest binder maker for you when it comes to  healthier chest binding. This is our Vision.


With this vision, we spent countless days & sleepless night on R&D: What is the best solution?

1-Safety always go first.

2-Flat chest binding.

3-Easy to put on & off.

4- Size adjustable during wearing, take a break anytime we want?



All these, you care, we care. After times & time trials, we finally make 4  models to fit  different needs for people who probably is the starter of chest binding, before or after top-surgery, non-binary, trans ftm, or just want to hide the breast to show more masculine looking. This is our Mission.


Our binders are half hand-made sewing, there might be 1/1000 defective rate even under 3times strict quality control.


Our team members share different colors, educational backgrounds, gender...

Some of them are sons and daughters of single parent family, or father/mother who need to support their family,we all work hard to fulfill our mission, to make better chest binder, to live, to love. In order to do so, we need your action to support us to build all these dreams.Kindly review and feedback now.



Love, Freedom & Equality

Temporary Shipping Suspensions to Ukraine, and Russia

Due to the current tense situation, shipping has already been suspended to Russia and Ukraine. Therefore we won’t be able to serve our customers located in these countries.

If you have placed an order, but it has not been shipped, then we will cancel the order and provide you with a full refund.

We don’t have an estimated timeline for when we will be able to ship to Ukraine, Russia in the future. The situation on the ground is constantly changing, and we will have to wait until we get further notice from our logistics partners.

We ship to most countries across the globe.

If you're not so sure about whether we have access to your country or region, or any other questions, scan the WhatsApp code above and meet us there:o