Whats the difference between Explorer and Explorer Pro?


Idea of Explorer BindFree design concept.


We learn that special mind might have to face some difficult situation, some of them are struggling when the body does not match the mind, we want to help them to be who their want to be in a more safety way. Therefore,we try to find a better binding solution in the whole year of 2022, with the idea of providing a way to take a bind break anytime they need to keep they wellness, we figure out the BindFree double invisible zippers design, which is turning the traditional  binding way upside down, because it isn’t the simple zippers design, it allows the user to obtain 6-12cm adjustable size when they putting it & taking it off, and take a break anytime in the middle of binding without taking it off.

Chest-binder Green-hand friendly, replacement for experienced user.

  • This Explorer focus on the comfort and breathable of when the user utilize it. So the fabric we employ is the special honeycomb cotton,
  • Double layer fabric construction, soft and Less restraint, with the idea of light-duty binding, extremely good for the first-time user, providing a light replacement binder for the experienced heavy duty binding users to relax the body. You need to rest your body anyway..


Heavy-duty binder- Explorer PRO


Flatten your chest, bye bye Hunchback.

With the initial concept of BindFree double zippers Explorer chest binder, the sales of Explorer turns great, in the meanwhile,We have received a lot of comments and suggestions from customers, combined with their needs.

  • We upgraded the Explorer, the sandwich fabric structure replaced Explorer's double-layer fabric design, The trick is in the middle layer of the binder, In the design of Explorer pro, we embed high elastic straps to achieve better binding effect. With stronger binding effect, the chest will be hided magically by putting on the Explorer Pro.  
  • Silky fabric VS special honeycomb cotton, both fabric are soft and breathable,however the materials of the two fabrics are completely different. The fabric of the Pro version is very delicate, as silky as a baby's skin. Both are great, but in a different tactile impression.


It is very difficult to tell which one is better, both explorer and explorer pro design for heavier binding solution, with the exclusive BindFree design, light and heavy duty binding effect, you can prepare both in your closet in case you need to wear it in different scenarios, they are replacement for each other. When you are looking for very flat effect,Pro is your best guy, when you need to take bind break but expecting the similar binding effect when you are out, Explorer does the job for you!


Go ahead, take both two, Explore your life & yourself with LGBTunicorns, stay safe and sound.

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